Romans 13:1-8 Explained

13:1 Each soul is excelling authorities that it yields to. For authority does not exist if not gained from God, but exists since God commissioned it.
2 For this reason, opposing the authority is resistance to God’s order, who himself shall receive judgment for resisting. 
3 The leaders are not disturbed by the good work but by the evil. But if you desire not to fear the authority: keep doing good, and they will give you approval, 
4 for they are God’s servant unto your best. But you tremble if you practice evil, for they do not bear the sword in vain: for evildoers, they are the wrathfully avenging servant of God. 
5 Therefore it is necessary not only because of the wrath but even because of the conscience’s sake to remain humble. 
6 For this purpose, you should fulfill your financial support so that God’s ministers can remain diligent in their duty. 
7 You shall entirely recompense the services rendered. Monetary gifts where owed, full compensation where is due, reverence where it is due and, honor where is due. 
8 Do not owe anyone anything, except in love of others, because loving others fulfills the law.

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