Romans 13:1-8 Explained

13:1 Each soul is excelling authorities that it yields to. For authority does not exist if not gained from God but exists since God commissioned it. 2 Therefore in the struggle against the authority, they refused God’s system, and in the refusal, the men themselves will receive the judgment. 3 The leadership is not fearful of the excellent work but the vain. But if you opt for not being afraid of the authority: keep doing excellent, and they will give you approval, 4 for they are God’s caregiver unto your best. But you tremble if you practice vanity, for they do not carry the sword for fun: for those practicing vanity, they are the angry revenging guardian of God. 5 Therefore, observance is not solely for anger but also because of conscience’s cause a necessity. 6 Because of this, you should also wholly commit contribution, for they continually persist in this as God’s sacrificial servants. 7 Reimburse everything done, grant where is needed, remuneration where is expected, reverence where it is due and, reward when appreciated. 8 No one should be indebted to anyone except in loving others mutually, for unreservedly loving others fulfills the law.

Romans 13:1-8

This is the best translation I can come up with under the supervision of Jesus Christ, the Word. There is no way I can do this better without being told to stop.

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