All over the earth, in societies, people need to get along. Often there are disputes for different reasons between people. If citizens can’t get along with each other, the community they live in will not stand. A person that has been maltreated and has not received justice will occasionally take revenge. The problem is that everyone is biased in their matters and therefore enters into a spiraling circle of violence.
Societies around the world have systems to resolve disputes and render justice, a court system of judges. For a court system to operate well, judges are needed that are unbiased, fair, and have the trust of both parties in a case. Otherwise, some people may feel wronged and seek other ways for justice.

Also, in the Body of Christ, there is a need to internally settle disputes between brethren if they can’t resolve them themselves or if someone is irreconcilable according to 1 Cor 6:1-2, 4-8. Therefore there should be a system of arbiter judges that can settle disputes between persons in a manner of trust. If there is no trust from both parties, a person shouldn’t render justice between them. Fundamentally, a judge must suffer not to be accused of any bias, misuse of power, or have any other allegations against them. Therefore there is an Arbiter Agreement available to set up a Christian court system.

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