Meet Kristoffer

My name, who bear the vision, is Kristoffer Paulsson. I grew up in a Christian home and have been Christian my whole life, and always loved the Lord.

In 2013 God called me to go out and evangelize. I knew nothing about it, there where a man in the church I went too that was an evangelist. He raised me up and thought me Ray Comfort-style evangelism. In 2015 after being in the USA, Missouri, visiting Doug Perry and FOTM and coming home from there, I felt lead to start to evangelize, being the one holding the initiative. Notoriously evangelizing the city the fall of 2015 and all of 2016, God called me out in full-time ministry service. He sent me to another city and had me leave both my home and work. I was in this city and met a new born-again brother that let me stay for 4 months. I discipled him after my best ability, both taking him out evangelizing, learning to recognize the voice of God, and how to do spiritual warfare.

After that God has once again changed the focus to be more Kingdom focused, to build up and equip the Body of Christ. Everything I do, I do in faith that the Lord will provide.