The faith & walk with Jesus

Welcome to an introduction on The faith and walk with Jesus. Here we have summarized 31 articles that introduce you, not if, but how you walk with Jesus. This teaching is aimed primarily at seekers and newly saved, but those who have been believers for a long time can learn something from reading this too.

The introduction follows the principle of law and gospel. First, we give you the law and then the gospel, the glad news. We recommend that you study one or more articles at a time instead of trying to read the entire page. The important thing is that it touches your heart. The introduction is designed to be read from top down.

Sin and judgment

These articles go through the human condition and powerlessness. The consequence of living in sin and repentance.

Repent and turn from sin
Confession of sin
The condition of man
The inability of man
God seeks the lost
Final judgment
Lost forever

The law and commandments

Here the reader has the opportunity to get acquainted with his own self-righteousness. We explain the law and sin, as well as provide the opportunity for self-reflection in the light of Ten Commandments of God.

The law and sin
First commandment
Second commandment
Third commandment
Fourth commandment
Fifth commandment
Sixth commandment
Seventh commandment
Eighth commandment
Ninth commandment
Tenth commandment


How are you saved? We are trying to provide answers to this. The rebirth, the narrow gate and the narrow road are important concepts discussed in this section.

Transition to light
Receive salvation
Fulfill salvation
Born again
The narrow gate
The narrow (and holy) way


What does it mean to beleive and how will it affect me? We review what faith means, the cross, justification, etc.

Faith in Jesus
Faith comes by hearing
The cross
Reconciliation with God
Pure conscience and heart

Once you have read and studied this material, we hope that you have a more solid foundation and understanding as newly saved. If you are unsaved, we hope that you have received answers to important questions about believing and being saved. And the rest of you, that have been built up.